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This is the website with photos of the green flash
(click here) - I kid you not! And how about the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall?



Welcome to the Home Page of the Sailing Vessel Quest Web Site!

(I've found that enlarging my shots to 125% on my screen gives me a better view).

(I have links to individual pages at the bottom of this page.)

This is the s/v Quest Website. The Quest is a Davidson 58 Pilot House Sloop. She is the home to Jean and Scott Adam. The Quest started an "around-the-world" trip in mid December of 2004 after sailing her to the States from New Zealand in 2002. This is planned to be an eight or ten year voyage. We hope to post various aspects and segments of the trip and our lives to this Web Site. I'm beginning to realize that there are a lot of pages on this web site. I've tried to limit the material here, by confining one location to one page, but you see it hasn't always happened. I've also spent a little more space on the more remote locations we've visited. Feel free to email me with any comments. The photo to the right is of Scott & myself at the dock in Penang, Malaysia.

The Quest under full sail off the Mexican coast!

Our 2010 travels have included Mainland China. We then plan to sail south to northern Borneo (Malaysia) before heading north to Singapore, the Malacca Straits and Phuket, Thailand.

Click here for our 2009 travels. We went to Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, The Caroline Islands (of Micronesia), Palau, the Northern Philippines and Hong Kong.

Fiji has been so highly recommended that we spent two cruising seasons in the Fijian Islands. Quest was back to New Zealand for another hurricane season before we heading off for Hong Kong, and Phuket.

Hey how about this oranghy? Pretty cute, don't you think? We found him in Kota Kinabalu in Borneo!!!

Our 2006 cruising grounds include the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga. This section starts with a  chartlet of the area and ends with more photos from New Zealand, 2006. Don't miss our initial trip to N.Z. in 2002.

The Quest was built in New Zealand and was sailed back to the United States in 2002 by Scott & Jean Adam and various crew. The 2002 trip left from Auckland, New Zealand and went to Alaska via Tahiti and Hawaii. This Web Site features our past voyages from New Zealand to French Polynesia, the Line Islands, Alaska, British Columbia and Mexico. We have since traveled to Mexico (twice) and returned north to British Columbia.

I'd also like you to see some sights around Marina del Rey, our last U.S. port of call.

The voyage of 2005 started in Mexico and continued south to El Salvador and Costa Rica to Panama. From Panama we turned right and headed to the Galapagos and from there to the Gambier Islands in the most south eastern parts of the Tuamotus. The Gambiers are a bit near (or west of) Easter Island and Pitcairn Island, 3,000nm and 18 days of sailing from the Galapagos. What a trip!! The Quest now rests (after over 50,000nm of water under her hull) in New Zealand and we plan subsequent trips from there.


I thought we should have a contest and see if you can figure out where this guy on the left came from!! The winner gets to join Scott & myself for our trip across the Indian Ocean, up the Red Sea to the Med. Hurry up before this offer expires!

A lot of our enjoyment is is looking at sea life. Check out my "Sealife" page.

There are one hundred and fifteen (115) pages on this web site and we've only crossed the Pacific! You want the truth? I've quit counting. Follow the links to learn more about various aspects and segments of the trip, and to link with some of my favorite Web sites. Also, keep checking with us because I'm hoping that my skills will improve and this site will become more appealing with time.  The second page of this web site is the Table of Contents which is an outline of all the pages and their links try it for easy viewing of all the pages and their links! (Techies call this a site map.)

This page has some good travel links and other good cruiser stuff.

Another aspect of our travels is friendship evangelism - that is, finding homes for thousands of Bibles, which have been donated through grants and gifts, as we travel from place to place. We'll show you what wonderful turn of events have occurred as a result of this endeavor.

This Web site is the first (and possibly only!) Web site created by Jean Adam. My desire is to keep it up to date as much as possible on our trip. But since this trip is a reflection of our life and because life on a moving boat is unpredictable we expect this trip to hold some unexpected surprises! This web site is definitely a "work in progress!" I'm at the point now where I welcome any suggestions. So, if you have some ideas, let me know!

This website is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This web site includes separate sections for various years that the Quest has been cruising:

    To view our travels in 2010, click here.
        China, Guilin, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai,
Water Villages, Borneo, Singapore, Georgetown, Phuket, Bangkok, Phnom Pehn, Cambodia, Angkor Wat, Cambodian Countryside, Burma/Myanmar.   

To view our travels for 2009, click here.
        Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Philippines, Hong Kong.

    To view our travels for 2007 and 2008. click here.
        Suva, Gua, Fawn Harbor, Albert Bay, Budd Reef. Beqa, Vanui Bay, Makogai, Naqara,  Lord Howe Island and In the States - 2008.

    To view our travels for 2006 click here.
In the States - 2006 Cook Islands, 2006 Rarotonga, 2006 Aitutaki Palmerston  Suwarrow Penrhyn Samoa Tutuila, American Samoa 'Upolu, Western Samoa Savai'i, Western Samoa Tonga Niuatoputapu Vava'u Ha'apai Tongatapu New Zealand, 2006

    To view our travels from January to June of 2005 click here.
        Mexico - 2005   Interior Mexico 2005   Mexican Gold Coast   El Salvador   El Salvador - Interior   Costa Rica   Panama Canal   Panamanian Islands

    To view our travels from July to September of 2005 click here.
        Galapagos - Pt. 1   Galapagos - Pt. 2   Gambier Islands   Marquesas, Fatu Hiva   Marquesas, Hiva Oa   Northern Marquesas   The Tuamotus

    To view our travels from September to December of 2005 click here.
        Tahiti to Raiatea   DRYC Rendezvous   Mopelia to The Cooks   Cook Islands   Minerva to New Zealand

    To view our travels in the years 2003 and 2004 click here.
         British Columbia   Mexico - 2003   Catalina Island   Marina del Rey

    To view our travels in the year 2002 click here.
        New Zealand     S. Pacific Ocean '02   Tahiti & Moorea   Line Islands   Alaska

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