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Here's a satellite shot of Tutuila in American Samoa. Looks like some great anchorages on the south side.





As a retired dentist, Jean has always had an interest in the biological sciences and the natural world around us all (otherwise known as God's creation). Music, reading, photography, religion, boats, travel, family and friends (in no particular order!) - all absorb her attention - both out at sea and on shore.

These are some of Jean's favorite sites on the World Wide Web.

  • What time is it in ____________? Just click and see! This will give you the telephone country code as well! 
  • Travel - I thought you might like to know of some of the places we'll be visiting. Here are some Web sites of our intended (and previous) stops. Oh, it's probably a good idea to get any travel tips and travel warnings that are out from the State Department.
  • Weather is a constant obsession to cruising sailors.
    • NOAA is a great link.
    • Baja Weather Online  - This is another great link for the Mexican Coast.
      • This is a great resource for finding many other weather sites as you cruise down the Mexican coast.
  • Cruiser links
    • The absolute best cruiser web site is Jimmy Cornell's
      • His site includes information on nearly every nation on earth. All kinds of cruising information is included from check-in procedures to reef entrances, provisioning, weather, restaurants, security...the list is endless. Oh yes, even pirate reports.
    • The Seven Seas Cruising Association produces a great monthly publication created by cruisers from all over the world. If you're out there cruising you must be a part of this!
    • Mahina Expeditions has a GREAT web site - full of good stuff!
    • A great way to meet the locals!
      • Anyone cruising in the South Pacific and wishing to expand their horizons will want to know about these activities and connect with these folks!
    • Here's another link for tons of cruiser info:
    • I don't know a cruiser who's not an avid reader!
      • A dangerous place for reading addicts - Seabreeze!
        If you're sailing south and stop in San Diego you won't want to miss this place! Great cruising guides, charts, nautical novels and paraphernalia!
      • This looked like a good source of cruising guides.
        Especially since more and more boats are trying to avoid the Red Sea. So, that means we have to think about the Indian Ocean and South Africa.
    • Eating and cooking are favorite cruiser pastimes. Iris has a page on her website (Sailsashore) of recipes she and her husband have used on their boat (Talisker) over the years. I recommend Peter's Mayo and other sauces to add something special to a meal. A "whizz" is a blender - a must for special "fru fru" drinks!
  • Boat links
    • You may want to know a bit about the designers of our boat. Laurie Davidson designed the Quest and splits his time between Australia and New Zealand. His associate, Kevin Dibley, maintains a Web site of his creations and activities at:
    • Del Rey Yacht Club's Web Site
      • If you're a member you'll want to know what's going on at your club. If you're a racer or racer/cruiser you'll want to check out those activities and NOT MISS the biennial race/rally to Puerto Vallarta. Next one is in 2011. If you're traveling up and down the coast of California you'll want to avail yourself of the guest docks at Del Rey. You won't find a friendlier club.
    • s/v Beach House is spending some time in Mexico before heading west. You'll enjoy their web site.
    • Here's a neat link to cruiser logs. or CruiserLogs, Also, world yachting!
    • This one's probably more that you ever wanted to know about yachting.
    • AND here's the website I've been looking for!. These folks have been to SE Asia, so I need to peruse their site ( very well!
  • Nightwatch/stargazing
    • After spending many night on watch at sea your curiosity starts to get to you and you start to wonder, "What is that bright light up there?" Here's a web site called "stargazer!"  Try putting in the Lat/Long for Suwarrow in the Cook Islands: 13 degrees South and 163 degrees West. We should be there in mid July, 2006. They'll show you the sky we'll see.
    • And, for more help while gazing at the night sky here's
    • Speaking of stars, this should blow your mind (keep it open!)
  • Photography - If I could ever get even a few shots like these I'd be ecstatic!!!
  • The inner journey. Religion is an important and sustaining force in my life. Here are my favorite connections.
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